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Just us

Posted by on June 28, 2012
Frank and I spent the night in the Marina so we could restock and do some washing ,
It is almost unbearable to stay here as it is very hot with no breeze, we have a small fan that we can use just to circulate the air.
Its not so easy just to jump in the water, as the swimming beach is a bit of a walk away and our bikes are in storage.
(well we hope they are still where we left them at the apartments, with our limited Croatian and there limited english. It could have been interpreted as 3hrs, 3 days, 3wks or 3 months’’)
We are now heading North.
We decided to anchor at Mourarstica. In  the 777 It says anchor in 6m with  several holiday homes and diving centre. We have seen that description many times and there could be as many as 10 houses. On arriving here we couldn’t believe our eyes It is similar to Trigg or Watermans on the coast, with some beautiful holiday homes literally on the edge of the rocks by the water.
While Frank and I were preparing the sails so we could anchor , one of the local fisherman charged over in his little dingy ,dressed only in his jocks, so frantic he nearly fell out his boat. He said “NO NO you sleep” and pointing at his net. Some how we explained we weren’t  sleeping here just preparing our sails then moving into the bay. He seemed very happy with that and took off!!!
This must have been his favourite fishing spot.
There are a lot of daylight hours and when we arrive a some anchoragesit is quite late.
It is so nice to see that Family’s have time to head to the water and have lots of fun , with the weather so beautiful .
Shame we don’t have daylight saving in W.A
We dont have a plan for the next 3 weeks just meandering our way north , as we are expecting new crew  , we did a little detour to Trogir to purchase an ore (The wooden one suffered RSI and snapped clean in half)but we didn’t know that it was a public holiday , so that was that! If required we would just have to use the broken paddle.
So we moved on to Veli Drvenik and anchored at Krknjai . The water here is a beautiful turquoise colour and very calm.
It is a nice place for day trips from Trogir ; It can get busy during the day  but at night there are not many boats on anchor.
A couple of Yachts have tried to enter through the gap of the 2 small island but come to a sudden halt when they hit the bottom-it does look temping , but on the chart it is only 1.5 depth.
We decided to have a look around along the shore line with Wabo Jnr. The water is just so crystal clear its hard to resist a swim at every nook and cranny .
AGH what did we see washed up on the rocks – a fabulous ORE , how lucky were we!!!
not so lucky for the people who lost it overboard.
It is high season and there  are a lot of charter yachts, it is gradually getting more crowded.
What we have found is that there is a lot of yachts with just men on board they seem to be Germans or Austrian.
I wonder if its our equivalent of a bucks party in  Bali!!!!

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