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Real life Cubby

Posted by on July 1, 2012
Living on WABO is almost like living in a real life cubby houses , its very cosy.
but there are some luxuries that i have taken for granted .
The fridge for instance – A Yacht fridge is something similar to a chest freezer which is situated in the corner of the galley with a 30cmx30cm access whole. . So careful planning is required when putting things away HAHAHAHAHAH
Drinks on the bottom, meat in one plastic bag, and dairy in another – and if I’m lucky the yoghurt sits on the little shelf .
All i have to do is hoist out the plastic bag . I am unable to reach the bottom of the fridge which means Frank is usually on drinks duty!!
The Shower arrangement – The head is very cosy , surrounded with wood and a nice china basin, and it does include the toilet.
but it would ruin the wood if it was used as a shower room . so we have a large spray bottle (similar to a weed sprayer) painted black,this gives us nice warm water and works a treat,  as we are in the ocean lots of times a day we really just need a rinse off. No problem except my hair -this is something similar to fine STEEL WOOL . Thank goodness i haven’t seen anyone i know yet!!

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