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Wind in our Sails

Posted by on July 7, 2012

Today we sailed just because there was wind , we didn’t really have a plan , so we headed off from Zmajan along the north west side of Kaprije and down between Kakan and Kaprije . It was quite and enjoyable sail . We then decided to use a buoy at Kaprije town. Again the wind was favourable so we set off to continue north, it was to good to waste such good wind so we decided to head to the Kornati Island –what a brilliant choice This Island is a National Park and extremely well looked after, it is 19 nm in length with smaller islands rising out of the water along the way. There is a 250kn entry fee. There are areas designated for anchoring , snorkelling and walking trails as well as lookout points. I’m actually lost for words on describing the islands!! they are very baron and just seem to rise out of the ocean in different shapes and sizes . Some have rock piles as fences up over them as straight as a dye. We took a walk up the lookout on Ravni Zakan the view is just breathtaking..We anchored on the S E side or Ravni Zakan – Frank went for a snorkel and said there is an abundance of sea life. There is a restaurant on this side of the island which is ultra modern and very swish , a beer and Marini was all our budget would allow, a visit to the ladies toilets is a must .This one has a ladies and a men’s SEPARATE – the men’s marked with a piece of rope with a knob at the end , the ladies and piece of rope , oval shaped and fuzz on the top , inside is something you would find at the Ritz!! This also reminds of the Ladies toilet at Figa in Split , the tiles were painted in black chalk board paint, with chalk hanging from string (only one colour) so it was possible to make a comment on the wall.!!! Today I have seen something – well different – someone water skiing behind a 47 foot Bavaria Yacht !!! The tow line was attached to the main halliard leading to the mast head and they were using the fibreglass seat (this is normally in place a the stern were the skipper can sit and is taken off for easy access to the water) as the wake board!!! I might just add this boat was not privately owned< We were able to sail up the Kornaski Kanal , with force 1-2 , and can you believe it there was 17 boats racing , 18 NOW!! They are all Bavaria 47’s and even with our 3 and half ton keel on the H.R. we weren’t at the end of the field. The yacht near us was in real trouble (armatures i would say ) The even tried to use there spinnaker to no avail! in fact that was something to be seen , it was an A Symmetric and had one crew member holding on to the corner of the sail at the bow! very unusual and dangerous manoeuvre – a Man Overboard waiting to happen , anyway the sail lost wind and turned them in the opposite direction ! when they finally recovered , we were long gone , What a great day !!!

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