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New Crew

Posted by on July 24, 2012
We are now back a t Kastela waiting our new crew, can you believe i have met someone who has also crewed on Double vision,
with the previous owner – its such a small world !!
Washing has proved to be an interesting experience as we usually take the bus to split and walk to the Laundromat , but it is way to hot , so we were given a contact at here , it was collected a couple of hours after the agreed time by a very nice taxi driver, !! and delivered the next day pristine, even ironed , just like mum would have done. Frank was very impressed “i could get used to this”and i said “well we have all the facility’s at home you may have to learn to use them, because i am defiantly not pressing sheets!”
With our new crew on board  , we decided to take them to our favourite location’s  as they only have a few days  so we could’ nt venture to far .We set sail for Bobivice – as it is now high tourist season buoys have been put in place and it was requested that if we wish to anchor we must stay clear of the buoys. It was quite late when we arrived here , so we were keen to have a secure anchor and settle for the night.
For some reason with crew on board who have never been on yacht the weather performs a treat!!
so the next night with the  S.E. force 3-4 predicted the harbour entrance outside of milna was a good location for the night.
We unfortuately had several attemps in the two prior coves but was unable to get a good hold , the third one near the entrance was a success , (mind you in one of them we were dodging kids on li lo’s swimming backwards and forwards to boats anchored near the shore, to impatient to wait for us to anchor! a tad stressful for me!)
This is a great location for us to take Wabo jnr into town, this weekend there was a festival , they had a band playing in the main square , and lots of people having fun enjoying the ambiance .
The next stop was Soline just out side of Vbroska.
It was quite a sight leaving Milna anchorage –so many ;yachts and large motor cruisers heading through the passage.
We had a force 6-8 warning forcast for the evening so everyone was eager to get to there destination.
Many were heading to Hvar. The wind was picking up a little and we were sailing nicely, but to be honest i couldnt help admiring the way the  fancy ships (some 5 storys high) cruised through the waves with there even keel !!!
passangers milling around the deck cocktail in hand . ahhhhhh i can dream!! but this dream will never be reallity – unless i win lotto , 0r  find a sponsor. in fact Lotto may buy the yacht but the FUEL BILL would be another win!!
Jez and Alex were quite at home on WABO and had no hesitations with sailing  although Jez did make the comment “its fun for the first hour but staying comfortable healed over for the more than that is tiresome!!
Vbroska is also an easy day trip to Hvar , There is now a “Hop on Hop off” bus , it goes via Jelsa ,Star Grad and Hvar –
We left Frank with WABO to do maintenance and Jez alex and I took the bus to Hvar, and what a thrilling ride it was – this trip would make me a little anxious in a car BUT in a double decker open top bus, it was white knuckle stuff / I just couldn’t let go of the seat . It winds its way up and down the very high hills, with a sheer drop off to the sea – the view is absolutely breathtaking.
this journey also took us through a tunnel 4.5m high and the bus is 4m , the noise and wind was deafening – when we finally arrived at Hvar the gentleman at the back of the bus made the sign of the cross on his chest and breathed a great sigh of relief.
The bus trip was well worth the 75kn .
We wondered around Hvar just absorbing the sights , we did the walk to the castle ,even though it was extremely hot , it is well worth the effort the view is spectacular.
I also checked out Carpe Diem for prince Harry , but couldn’t see him anywhere! i guess he doesn’t arrive till early hours of the morning. i cant imagine he would be chillin on the giant lounge beds people watching!
The weather warning has been updated to force 6-8 and gusting 50knots this anchorage was suitable for this forecast.So we were staying put.
Frank and Jez  decided to take Wabo jnr into the village for fresh bread and milk, They seem to have been gone a long time!
We looked out at the harbour entrance and there they were ROWING they had run out of fuel!!
Now i know i am the skipper of Wabo Jnr but i haven’t quite got the knack of refuelling – it has an internal fuel tank and i hate the smell of Petrol !!
Now running out the first time and seeing Frank rowing with Jez laying back relaxing was  quite funny  BUT the second time is another story , with all the crew on board , by now the wind was picking up and we again run out in almost the same spot !
Alex and Jez rowed until Alex had blisters and then Frank took over – his favourite hat was blown overboard, so a quick back paddle was required to pick it up – now with this, the pressure on the wooden ore was just to much it snapped OMG.
We had to be rescued by an Italian skipper (maybe Fabio) from a luxury launch. He just jumped on his jet ski (what a hero) threw us the  line and towed us back to WABO — Phew!!!!
Wabo Jnr had a very fine hairline crack in the fuel tank which has now been repaired!!

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