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Posted by on July 27, 2012
The Bora has now been experienced and is something i certainly don’t want to experience any time soon , and especially not at sea.
We were very cosy tucked up in WABO  with secure lines to the pier.
The NOISE is just harrowing it really is relentless, also adding to it is the wind howling through the mast and ropes from all the yachts . This is also combined with thunder and amazing lightening show.
I felt the need to run around to every yacht and tighten the flapping halyards cause it can make you a little crazy !!!
(but of coarse i didn’t )
Its actualy like a bit like a wind organ – but extreme !! where are earplugs when you need them!
Although we were well secured  the constant gust, and water movement meant the jetty lines would slacken,
Frank along with many other boat owners were up quite a few times in the night adjusting lines.
This lasted for 2 nights! We had gust reported from someone on the quay at 52 knots. (i guess they couldn’t sleep and watched the  wind gauge).
Now that the extreme wind has settled it is time to sail off to a nice cove and relax as we have guest arriving on Sunday
so till the next blog

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