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Weather change

Posted by on July 27, 2012
It was now time to head back to base  as the weather forecast was a force 4, this time we decided to be fully prepared – the storm jib was set , main sail reefed and off we went,  well!!! there was very little wind , so Frank had to then de rig so we could set full sails. He spends a lot of time rearranging sails for the appropriate weather. !!
by late in the afternoon through splitska vrata  it started to gust up to 22 knots, our new crew still smiling and no plastic bag required. this was also when Franks Favourite hat decided to fly the coup , and there was not a chance we/I was  going about  to retrieve it! Jez also saw something leather like fly past and go “geplunk” we are still not sure what the mystery object was!!
We did a day trip to Split as the Diocletian’s palace is defiantly worth seeing , this time we did a tour under the palace, The history here is extremely interesting , it was built by the romans, as the Diocletian’s retirement palace  these were the cellar/storage areas, it was later taken over by the venetians and it was used as sewerage / rubbish pits .(a google search would be a great way to find out more about the palace,or a trip to split ) It is now all gradually being restored and a must see when in Split.
BTW shoes with exceptional grip are required when wondering around Split otherwise you will find your self skating on the stone walkways ,Thongs /Flip-flop’s are NOT recommended – this comes from experience. (Rain Hail or Shine).
We decided to have a farewell dinner at “the old Ballet school” in Kastel Kambelavac as it has been recommended by many people. It is well worth the 35 min walk from Gomelicia . There is actually swimming beaches and cafes/hotels along the Riva .
With our new crew now heading back home Frank and I must now stay put in the Marina as the BORA  has now been forcast this can bring gust up to 70 knots! so a secure berth is required for the next couple of nights.

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