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Smooth Sailing!

Posted by on August 15, 2012
Of course it hasn’t been all smooth sailing,there have been a few situations when I’ve thought  I MUST BE MAD, I am usually at the helm and Frank is dealing with the situation at the bow, and it is never never with 15 knot of less wind!
A fellow sailor made this comment “ Its just like having a baby – There is a great deal going on, and usually very stressful  (for me that is) but all is soon forgotten in a day or two when the weather is again calm and beautiful!!
I must admit this is probably true.
I have found getting the weather report on the VHF very frustrating at times as it seems to squelch at the most inconvenient moment , with internet and power  under control , we have found Windfinder, and The Marine Meteorological  Centre Split very good.
Frank and I spent the last couple of days at Movrarstica on the island of Ciovo , we have anchored here before , and its an EASY sail back to the Marina. From this town it is also possible to catch the local bus to Trogir.
Ciovo  has very narrow winding roads and has a bridge connecting it to the mainland at Trogir, these roads were built many years ago when traffic wasn’t a problem, at this time of the year with so much traffic, the bus driver had a bit of a challenge making his way around the corners. In some sections you could hear everyone breath in as the driver tried to squeeze past cars and fences!!!

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