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Living the Dream

Posted by on May 22, 2012
dobar dan
We must now get ourselves and WABO prepared for our guests  [ Mick and Marty] , This means clearing out the forward cabin- which is jammed FULL , of bikes, suitcases ,cockpit cushions etc, we must expect that dispersing  of all of this is a challenge.
In the mean time we met some fellow aussies from Fremantle , they also have a yacht here.They  arrived a few days ago and have a hire car. The offer of a lift to Split to do some washing and finally sort out a dongle for wi fi was too good to pass up, as we only had a couple of hours before Mick and Marty arrived.
I talked Frank into coming with me just  in case I didn’t understand the wi fi connection.
He was reluctant but came anyway.
We set off to Split with the fellow aussies, only to discover the vip store is closed on a Saturday afternoon
We just wasted two precious hours Sad smile.
Well’ not entirely we were able to do washing and have a beer.
Frank was chomping on the bit (quote from my dad)
We were now in a panic to get on the bus and get to the airport on time.
The decision was made – Frank do the house work and I collect the guests’ “perfect”.
Mick and Marty now safely at the Marina and ready for thier adventure on the seas, after 3 1/2 weeks of 4 star luxury hotels, Mick suddenly decides he is claustrophobic. time to  “toughen up Princess” . We then spent most of that day rolling on the floor laughing. We did manage to lift and rearrange – yet again,to accommodate thier belongings.
WABO is quite adequate for 4 people. a little cosy maybe’ but adequate!
I now have a suitcase bedside table!!!
We decided to spend the day in Trogir , this is nicknamed Venice without the water, where there are lots of  small alleys, we  had a lot of fun exploring.Of course, food is always a reward at the end. We ate at a very nice place located at the fort end of the promenade, called Fontanas, 3 course’s for 80kn , Marty had scampi, the rest of us had tuna.this also included a schnapps
agh “Living the dream”.
Now back to Marina Kastela at Gomilica,
Gomilica is an important part of our destination when buying a ticket for the bus – as there are a few Kastela (Castle villages) along the route.
We had lots of rain and thunder storms (very cosy in WABO) and plenty of Gute Fahrt Wind, so we decided for Mick and Marty’s
FIRST EVER sail we would wait for a bit of a calmer day!
This left us a spare day – Frank requires another visit to hardware, he has found another one called Brodemerkur. Could it be possible BETTER than Bauhaus!
Men happy, so Marty and I set off to Emmersetti Shopping complex so i could finally get walking shoes (some serious exercise is required) we all then met in Split.
We now have a dongle so internet and updates hopefully will be done a little more regular. (power permitting)
We have caught many buses, and met some wonderful friendly people , I find local transport the best way to discover interesting things about the towns, and also gives a different view of a place , not just tourist things. The bus  home from split has been the most entertaining, It must have been the oldest slinky bus left. the seats were wood, similar to old school chairs and so smooth , actually slippery  from the many bums that have been sliding onto them. Mick was standing in the slinky [swivel] part and he likened it to a roller coaster ride – the breaks were definitely  metal to metal , This would be quite a challenge for the bus driver, although I think he thought he was Schumacher!!
We were invited to a Croatian Festival,with traditional dancing as guest of the  Marina Kastela
The ladys at the Marina speak perfect English but we somehow missed the important part of the destination.
Dancing festival, must be at an outdoor theatre!! [or so we thought]
We were picked up by cheaufeur and dropped of in Split at the most amazing Opera house, of course we were dressed a little casual, but warm, as we thought we would be outside. we are tourist after all !!
It was just breathtaking , beautiful chandelier, with decorated ceilings, ornate gold surrounding the dress circles’, and royal boxes, and we were just 5 rows from the front.
We were entertained for 2 hours from the traditional Croatian dance team – who travel the world performing.
There dance technique is amazing ,  lifting there feet about 10 cm of the ground with precision timing while singing and moving around the stage in formation. The traditional costumes are beautiful some embroidered for a scene and then a costume change to the most immaculate white linen . Unfortunately we were unable to take photos and there was no program. We were all mesmerized.
This performance was fundraising for a community centre that was built 50 years ago to help children and adults living with disability’s they have permanent resident’s as well as day care facilities.
It is now time to continue our sail journey, WABO stocked , nice force 2-3  winds , we set off cruising nicely ,
We decided to anchor on the north side of Brac as the forecast  was force 2 nw winds, as we came through the passage the wind sprung to force 4 wnw with 1.5 swell. soooo many white horses!!
suddenly it all became very hectic and loud with WABO  nose diving into the waves – Mick Says “I didn’t s sign up for this”
We then had to reef the main and furl the Jib, Frank and i were busy doing this while mick was at the helm.I even found myself saying “Mick HEAD IT INTO THE WIND” with as much force as the wind and him saying “but the wind keeps changing”
and all this time poor Marty was busy keeping her eye on the horizon, a tiny voice says” If I burp now it will have lumps”. oh’
I think a bucket is required as hanging over the side just wasn’t an option!
Next time forget the ginger tablets take the chemical’s!!
We made our way into a very nice cove called Osibova quite exhausted.
but all is soon forgotten and now time for fun,
There is a few unfinished building projects here and after meeting a gentleman who was fishing off the rocks , he gave us the rundown .The one with the crane was being built by an italian man who has since died, and the other project the person is in Jail!!
Frank must tinker on the boat today so we decided to walk to Milna and have a good look arround.
The road into Milna is lined with stone walls for most of the way with tiny shrine’s  along the route.
The village itself is very interesting. There are houses and shops and restaurant’s between derelict buildings .The facade is still as it was built many years ago with mini Juliet balcony’s, but behind it has bushes and plants growing and the remanets of what was probably  the original house.
We ate again at Sidro and were not disappointed. Davidenja
Pronounced dawveejenya

7 Responses to Living the Dream

  1. karen and graham thompson

    hi guys great to read about mick n marty joining you.
    but not great to hear about the ‘white horses’ …..i think i was expecting plain sailing !!
    love to all keep safe n happy God Bless xxxxx

  2. Di & John

    Sounds wonderful. All is well at home. We are off to Bali in a week. Can’t wait. We love hearing about your adventures so keep it going. Take care and love to you both.xxxMe

  3. Tony and Jane

    So lovely to hear from you and read how well everything is going. We’re really impressed with the thoroughness of your blog and love reading all the detail. Living the dream sounds wonderful, so we’re really jealous.

    Things are progressing steadily here. The house will be fit to live in from next week so we will move across there progressively. The paving was finished at the weekend and the floors will be finished this week. Hopefully the skirting boards will be in fairly soon after that. Then it’s just a million touch-ups after the tradies leave unavoidable marks as they go about their business. There’s still a few things that Riverstone haven’t got round to doing – bless them, but nothing critical.

    Jane is spending her days marking assignments and I’m spending mine lugging stuff around – like sand, concrete, pavers, timber, rubbish, etc. We changed our selection of pavers around the pool (which isn’t yet completed – another saga). The new pavers are called Bermuda Shell and are made-up from shell and coral that have turned into rock and then have sliced through to form the pavers in which you can see giant clams, different corals, oyster shells, scallops, etc. It is absolutely magnificent and gives the same sort of look as travertine – without the slipperiness.

    Lauren leaves for Canada in a two weeks to stay for 6 weeks. Nicole is spending her uni holidays working on the boats in the Whitsundays. Nephew Chris arrives in 4 weeks to stay till mid-September and the other 3 of the family arrive in 6 weeks to stay for a month. – Should be a very busy time.

    We’ve seen Peter and Melanie a few times since they’ve been back, including a Diamond Jubilee cream tea at their place on Saturday – which was very civilised. Cucumberr sandwiches, scones etc…
    Jane and Lauren are going to High Tea at Tranby House in a couple of weeks – fund raiser for Ann-Marie’s Rotary group. Melanie and Sue are coming along too.
    I am having physio to sort out the RSI from too much marking and from the Ninja backward role I did off the front fence at King albert RD avoiding the forks of the bobcat! (Tony reckons it was a Humpty Dumpty roll – he’s very rude!)
    Missing you both and glad you are having a great time. No mutinies so far anyway!!!!
    Keep in touch,
    Love Jane & Tony

  4. Double Vision :)

    Ahoy maties, WABO looks stunning. Looking forward to reading your blogs.

  5. karen and graham thompson

    hi guys hope all is going well – i sent a long email after your one you sent to everyone and it got rejected so i had to get in touch with tony to tell me how to get on blogging!!
    was at ledge last week the cafe is open and looks really nice – they have a nice sofa and coffee table for us to sit and chat!!……while you are telling me all about the trip!!! hahahaha
    it will be up and running when you guys get home.
    my david has been up to ledge doing weeding with janet!!! went twice he needed to get some volunteer hours for his degree so that was a great opportunity and he enjoyed it….. maybe we will have another convert!! here’s hoping………i hope its ok just to chat to you on here???
    well im going now cooking for 10 for dinner….an english meal…..for my auzzie mates and an indonesian:-)
    i miss you guys but am sure you are having a whale of a time
    much love…keep safe and God Bless xxxx

  6. Tony and Jane

    I assume you are afloat now! Hope you are having fun. When is the next blog?

  7. Jeremy

    Is the boat in the water yet or what?!