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More Fun!

Posted by on July 1, 2012
Today the weather started as per usual it seems these days,  with absolutely no wind , not a white horse to be seen.  The weather for the past couple of weeks has been pretty much the same, still until about 2pm and then a nice light breeze . just perfect for a casual sail. So we set off with the motor, good time to recharge the batteries anyway, as with no wind the wind generator is not much use!!!!
Heading into the cove of Stupica on the Island of Zirje and we passed the most amazing super Yacht , we have seen quite a few interesting crafts , but this was the ultimate
The most modern sleek design, dark green/black in colour , the cockpit had a dome glass cover. The crew looked like white ants moving around the deck, so much room.
We were just in awe ,the funny think was, they were taking a video of US !!!
I just cant imagine setting the sails on this Yacht , although I expect pressing a button is all that would be required!
On arriving to the bay its time to start the routine of dropping the sails, which i might add is still causing me just a little stress.
A FEW WORDS are exchanged and then finally the main is stacked NICELY and tied very neatly.
(Frank considers lazy jacks aren’t in keeping the style of Yacht, more ropes to contend with)
In this bays there are Buoys which are owed by the restaurant , so we are unable to  anchor. I’m at the helm and Frank is at the bow with the amazing “ezymore” of course this is only as good as the person using it! yep it had a malfunction , the front piece was upside down so it got caught on the buoy loop . oh dear! after the third time we were finally on ,much to the relief of the onlookers. This is actually good practice for me coming along side a buoy, as i do find judging the distance a challenge.
Its quite funny on arriving to an anchorage , there are no people on boats to be seen , then all of a sudden  there are people popping up out of cockpits everywhere.!!!
In the 777 travel guide there is not much information regarding this location, only a restaurant,  what has been missed is that there are Roman ruins . There are 2 parts of the castle wall still standing, Frank and I wandered around  the area trying to piece it all together.
The restaurant here is very nice , with limited menu – meat or fish all cooked in the coal oven .
The tables have seating for as many as you can fit , so we were lucky enough to sit next to an Austrian guy, of course I couldn’t resist the question! where are all the women while you men are sailing! he said, its just something the men do and the women are very happy to have a week without them! but only a week. He was so fond of croatia, he spends most holidays here , other times with family and friends,
We moved to the NE side of Vela Stupica for the next 2 nights and anchored. It is a lot less crowded.
It was just so nice here we decided to stay an extra night and with no wind  its just to hot to travel!
When we decided to hoist the anchor and move on , I could hear someone blowing a whistle – how odd!
I looked around and there was this man standing on the bow of his yacht  dressed in a singlet with the aussie flag on it and matching short shorts, wearing a sailors hat, saluting us as we went.!!!!!!! just priceless

2 Responses to More Fun!

  1. Sólveig

    Hi there sailors!
    Can Croatia be more beautiful than sunny days in Reykjavík? We arrived home thursday night, Hans drove the rental van and I drove our car filled with TV, pictures and other breakable objects. It is wonderful to be back home again, I have been smiling all the time while unpacking boxes. Gunnar w family will arrive thursday morning for 3 weeks holiday in Iceland. We will put them to work on painting the window frames of the holiday house + clearing away some of the birch brush around the house. I really enjoy reading your sailing blogs, although I must say that there are some words that apparently refer to sails, ropes and other boat gadgets that I don’t understand. The villages sound charming.
    Hugs from Hans and me, time to continue unpacking.

  2. mick & marty

    ha ha i think the super yacht was the one we saw in venice. big black bastard. i paced it out at 80 meters
    some people have too much money! keep having fun. love from mick and marty