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Blue Skys

Posted by on July 3, 2012
Today was a definite spinnaker day   Frank has been itching to give it a go. After organizing the sheets , blocks and the rest of the spinnaker requirements it was ready to launch – It all went very smoothly and looked fabulous ,. It really wasn’t as complicated for two people,as i first thought .I was at the helm and Frank was able to do the task on his own he  was extremely  happy with the result. Its an A symmetric spinnaker with a snuffer, this is a sock that has a plastic ring that is hoisted to the top of the mast and then the spinnaker is flying – now taking it down could be  somewhat  daunting (from previous experience ,) I must not let go of the sheet !!!(rope)) Well this sock method is brilliant, its a very relaxed method of bringing in the spinnaker , rather than someone on the bow pulling it down and shoving it in the forepeak .However it does lack that little bit of excitement!!!
We anchored at Vela Vozadra on the Island of Kaprije This is on the south end.
We decided to walk across the hill to the town of Kaprije. Its a very busy place with lots of holiday makers, we had a nice meal at “neptun” and the best ice cream so far!
We then decided to take the “ shortcut” home , this is something i wont forget for a very long time!
In Croatia on many parts of the landscape there are piles of rocks in random rows. looks easy to negotiate if your a MOUNTAIN GOAT .
We spent nearly 2 hours going backwards and forwards, clambering over the top, some spots very unstable . PRICKLE BUSHES
like no other, and spider webs tough as twine, with spiders as big as my hand.OMG. We finally made it back to WABO  at about 10pm and still 28 deg and just enough light to pick out the thorns, and have a salt bath!
 The next day we had the unfortunate visit from a man we think was from a restaurant  around the bay, he was rather upset we were anchored and not on the  buoy.
We said as per triple 7 (croatian sail guide) we could anchor here , he said “no speak english” threw up his hands and took off.
We then decided to keep harmony we would move to the opposite bay called U –Zarazanj on the island of Zmajan.
July sees the arrival of Italians as this is there annual holiday month(so i was told) and today a yacht anchored beside us and there he was “FABIO” with beautiful flowing hair , spread eagled across the bow, similar to a crab sunning itself on a rock!
mamma Mia  @*&^@ , tanned where you think the sun would nether (oops never) reach.
Now where was I  Smile

One Response to Blue Skys

  1. karen and graham thompson

    ahoy there mateys!!! sounds like you are still having adventures and not all pleasant ouch!!!
    we are here and still the same …it is grahams birthday tomorrow so we had dinner last night with the kids and baby jace …. after spending the afternoon with him and going out for a walk by the lake.
    Today me and the old fella have been shopping to osbourne park and I bought him a new desk chair as my pressie – along with several other gifts to open on the day….we are out for tea tomorrow and then monday he and I are going to hippo creek – havent been before but have a groupon voucher so i will tell you what I think…watch this space.
    David has been on 2 week prac at fremantle mental health – so he has ruled out working in that area!! very boring for a guy who likes to be busy. Next week he starts a 2 week prac at Joondalup in the day procedure unit… we will se what he thinks of that.
    Becky is back at work those few hours and she wishes she could afford not to be ..but ce la vi!!! we have all been there and done that … so I am now excited about my time this week with my little darling jace….. so many hugs and kisses coming his way – I have bought a CD with kids tunes to remind myself of correct words and also to learn some new tunes… i love to sing and dance around with him in my arms!!! haha I know you can visualise this as I speak!!
    No other news im afraid – havent been to ledge now for 2 weeks but will be there next weekend – there is a market day on in the club on sat am – i was going to get a table but think I will just visit and have morning tea instead – i do hope it goes well.
    alright my dear friends keep writing this blog as I love to hear your news….I plan to ring OMA today too
    much Love and hugs Kepp safe God Bless karen xxxxxx and graham and max