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Team effort

Posted by on July 11, 2012
We then made our way along the main Kornati island dodging many little smaller ones and made and exit thought the very narrow Mala provesa channel  and were able to sail to Bizikovica. Here we were well entertained from the holiday makers on shore. We also met a family including their dog ( we have found quite a few family’s travel with their  dogs and even a cat! )
This little dog had its own  life jacket and was taken very willingly to shore on an inflatable li – lo for a run around and toilet break.This family were on holiday from Frankfurt although they had a  very nice motor cruiser , the dad was envious of our H.R.
and referred to a WABO as the” Mercedes of the Yachts”.
It was here we decided  to swap the Jib over as the large one received a minor tear in the force 8 winds that we had encountered earlier in the season, and its better to have it repaired while the tear is small.
Now of course when you don’t want wind there is PLENTY and you  want wind there is NONE, –so  changing over the Jib  was no easy feat while on anchor. It was here we solved the problem when dropping the main – Just don’t speak – nothing – zippo- it  now seems to be working very well!
We are now heading back to base as we have  new crew arriving Jez and Alex , this is going to be a very big adventure for Alex as she prefers terra firma, lets hope there will be no surprise force 8 !!
From here we set off to  Murter Island this it seems is the gateway to the Kornati island.
We anchored just outside of Murter town near a very busy channel so we could watch the comings and goings of tourist boats and rental yachts . There is a restaurant on a little island opposite Murter town that has buoy’s , if you eat at the restaurant  you can use them for free. We took Wabo jnr into the town to have a look around , it is an extremely busy port . It is possible to rent yachts from the Marina here, as well as any other sea going vessel, it is also possible to rent scooters to tour the island as well.  The tourist bureau has plenty of info for the Kornati and surrounding islands.
I have read in lonely planet the the people of Murter own the Kornatis , and the rock walls i spoke of earlier are the livestock dividing fences
We then set the spinnaker  to sail down the S.W. side of the island – Murter is actually joined to  the mainland at Tisno by a  lift bridge-but we were unable to go on the inside of the island as there is not enough clearance.
The S.W. side of the island is very very busy as there are lots of coves with campsites and caravan parks.
In one there was an inflatable water slide and trampoline , large water balls, and many people , I don’t think there was room for another person on the beach.
I am at the helm most days and becoming more at ease with this arrangement , although i still get a bit daunted by the other yachts on the water coming at me from all directions , and of course we seem to be always racing! Frank is very supportive and gives clear instructions ARGH!  “wait till you see the whites of there eyes”
We Made our way to Privic and anchored on the west side at Sepurine – There a restaurant buoys here as well. In this section between the ferry jetty and near the restaurant there is a very nice swimming beach , the pebbles are tiny and in the travel book it would be called a “sandy beach”  . People travel here by ferry or taxi boat.
It is possible to walk from Sepurine to Privic town it only takes about 10 minutes . There are no cars on this island anything that
required to be transported is done by small tractors . Even the kids!
There was one tractor literally the motor, gearbox and wheels with a trailer that had the seat on it, gave our little Howard a run for its money .Oh! and they must be registered and display a numberplate. !
This island is only very busy during the summer month’s and most hospitality worker’s head back to the mainland to find work for the winter months.
We did have a chat to a couple of local old-timers, they were doing work on a traditional sailing boat , getting it ready for the annual regatta between islands at the end of August (shame we will miss it).

One Response to Team effort

  1. Double Vision :)

    Ahoy first matie. You are a great blogger, we have been following your adventures with great interest. The winter season is under way here, we have done four races in the Efyc winter series, lots of fun. Unfortunately we didn’t finish the last race because we ran aground! Guess who got to wear the orange jacket – poor bastard. We were flying the spinnaker well, parallel to the point Walter spit, after rounding the Blackwall reach marker, but with wind shift we start heading toward the sand bank, depth instrument said 2.5m, there is time to jive the spinnaker – if we are quick………..well we weren’t quick enough, everyone was very calm (including me!!). There have been a few offshore races too, Double Vision got first and fastest in last Valmadre race which was a windward leuward race.The crew and skipper were very happy.

    Really enjoy reading your adventures and misadventures, as we can relate to them soooo well. So glad you are getting to enjoy your beautiful yatch and having such a fabulous time. Cheers and love from Double Vision.