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Hot Hot Hot

Posted by on July 14, 2012
We then set of heading for Primosten – not really enough wind to sail, force 0-1. The small amount that we had was coming from the forward quarter , so definitely time to fine tune the spinnaker – it was a long hot sail and at some points we even achieved 2 knots. The funny thing is the motor was running the whole time  to recharge the batteries!!!    Anyho it was time to finally give in to mother nature and motor towards Primosten. ,
Here there were many many yachts  and although it is a large bay and possible to accommodate them all the water was uninviting . So we continued on our way to Stari Trogir – this was a fabulous choice – beautiful bay and nice clear water. The boat actually looked like it was sitting in a pool, so still and clear. Also anchored here was the most luxurious Motor Yacht called “Diamonds are Forever” at night it looked absolutely stunning the  lights contoured perfectly to the ship, at the water line of the bow there was a light > this gave a reflection on the bow that looked like a giant Martini Glass!!!
We took Wabo Jnr into the town . Frank really felt like a coffee other than the instant he has been having (it just easier and i have hunted for a plunger but as yet have unable to locate one ) Finding the cafe was an adventure in itself , as there a few branded umbrellas along the foreshore , we just went up to each one ,only to find people having a picnic. Finally we asked someone
and they set us on our way, so by the time we got there coffee was forgotten and a large beer was ordered !!
We spent 2 days here as it was just to hot to travel and we were waiting for the elusive wind , but we must continue on as our new crew will be arriving .Our journey back to Kastela was very pleasant as we were able to use the spinnaker  and keep the cockpit covered.

2 Responses to Hot Hot Hot

  1. karen and graham thompson

    hi guys you all sound like you are having fun and I am sure alex n jez are loving it.
    we have been to ledge this weekend there was a Trash n treasure at the club – it was the community ass not the club.
    there were a few tables – not heaps but it was a nice vibe lots of folk chatting etc
    they were doing coffee n cake so i did make a cake and took it along – but decided against having a table
    it was a committment 9-3….and I didnt really have that much stuff. maybe next time
    Your place is looking fine although the grass is growing.
    there is a house being built opposite the shop. there was a shark attack at wedge – he took a young 21 year old surfer. so there were helicopers up n down most of the day!!
    It is almost time for me n my boy to head off to melbourne – can’t wait for some fun….miss you guys!!!
    well unfortunatly I am off to work now…..carry on enjoying your adventures and of course carry on telling us all about them….. hugs n much luv…Take Care God Bless karen et al xxxxxxxx

  2. Tony and Jane

    Ahoy me ‘earties! Great that you’re keeping up so well with your blogging. I’m still green with envy while I slave away at the house moving, tidying, admin, working on the grounds. At least I’m getting a 4.30am start 3 days a week when I take Chris into rowing.

    I’m practising my Bristolian for visitors arriving tomorrow evening. My brother Keith, his wife Carrie and their daughter, Jenny, are coming to join their son, Chris, who is already here. We’ve at last got their rooms ready. (Except there is no light in K&C’s room as it has failed and we’ve been trying to get builder and supplier to fix it for weeks now. They will be getting an ultimatum from me tomorrow!) We’ve got today and tomorrow to tidy-up, but the builders are back to fix-up and finish-off a few more things during the week and make yet more mess.

    Yesterday we had an interesting event when Jane’s piano was delivered. We wanted it delivered to the lounge on the ground floor, which is up the front steps. 19 steps @ $10/step, $190 + $180 paid to get it here. After some shenanigans the piano was delivered to the basement. There will be some interesting discussions with the company tomorrow. I don’t respond to last minute blackmail very kindly.

    Give our regards to Jeremy and Alex and keep enjoying your sailing. I’m sure you’re going to come back Peth very healthy and fit – oh dear, I’m getting jealous again.

    Love, T&J