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Posted by on August 2, 2012
Anchoring is our preferred option and has been extremely easy in most locations – As it gets much busier in July space is a premium, so we now have quite a few yachts stern tied as well as anchoring in the middle of the bays,so you can imagine everyone gets a little nervous.
We now find people just don’t sit and watch, they scamper as fast as they can to the bow giving advice , in some cases hurling abuse ,this has kept us entertained on many occasions –  UNTIL! we were at the receiving end. *now we can see why some people keep watch,
We usually have an anchor buoy in place , just to let other boats know where the anchor rests , but the problem with this is that there are a few inexperienced skippers who think , “perfect a buoy just for us”!!!
So this evening we had friends on board for drinks and nibbles – remembering once the table is set in the cockpit there are no quick manoeuvre’s , as everything must be placed under where someone is sitting.
We watched a very nice motor cruiser meander in  and spotted  our buoy so Frank scurried up to the bow to give him the tip,  smiles and waves were exchanged . The skipper then went hard to port collecting the buoy and catching the rope around the prop. – we were now drifting fast, onto other yachts, so everyone was now very anxious  OMG , everybody up , table unset and stowed , guest left holding what they could , and I’m ready to start the motor . We were lucky the prop chopped the buoy into a million pieces and the rope dropped, so all that was required was frank to jump overboard and reset the anchor – The lovely Italians apologised profusely and delivered us a bottle of champers !!
Unfortunately they just couldn’t  get there anchor set without tangling with someone this went on for a while, we were happy and toasted their misadventure !
We decided to catch up with some other people in Milna and again there was another festival, as we were arriving there were many many boats all shapes and sizes heading out of the harbour,
This festival happens every year at this time. There is a small island just outside of Milna approx. 2 nm from the village, The story as we were told  – This little island is the Island of knowledge that was bought by the Dalmatian’s from the Venetian’s and the festival revolves around lassoing  the island and towing it into the Harbour along with its secret Knowledge . Of course in reality this is not possible but when the boats returned to the harbour a cannon is fired off to celebrate the victory !!(gave me such a fright as we were only 200mt from it. @%*^>)
There is plenty of music , wine and fried sardines , a donation is welcome with the proceeds going to the community.
It was a fabulous night not to be missed.
We now have our guests on-board along with Marzipan from Niederegger and Hendricks Gin
What more can one say ! We are looking forward to a fun filled week.

One Response to Anchoring

  1. Sólveig

    Dear Lyndi and Frank,
    It is really fun to follow your sailing adventures. Hans and I are off to the airport for a week in Schleswig-Holstein, first a smaller family get-together at Volker’s and Irmela’s with most of our cousins, then a couple of days with Eva and Manfred. We plan to skip over to the western part of the region and visit Wolfgang and Maria.

    Enjoy the remainder of your sailing summer! Hope to be able to talk soon.

    Hugs + kisses from Sólveig and Hans